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Syllabus - Web Page Design - MP 1

Days 1 - 2 Introduction to HTML

  • Creating a folder on the desktop
  • Using Notepad
  • Creating an HTML document
  • Intro to Tags - html - head - body - font
  • Saving as HTML
  • Editing a document

Days 3 - 4 - HTML Tags Continued

Go to HTML Tutor and select Basic Tags.
Experiment with :

  • italics
  • underline
  • bold
  • center
  • hr

Days 5 - 6 Setting Up Web Accounts

  • Go to Tripod.com and either Geocities.com, webs.com or bravenet.com and set up an account for a free web page. You must set up 2 accounts and one of those must be Tripod. We will need the Tripod site to do Perl later in the year
  • Your other account may be at Bravenet.com, freeweb.com or geocities.com
  • Introduction to index.com
  • Set up a basic Home page on each web site
  • Work with editing and previewing files
Days 7 - 10 Working with Images

  • Using Google Search to find Images
  • Manipulating Images with PhotoShop
  • Changing size - opacity
  • Image width, length, border, hspace
  • Upload an Image and place it on one of your Home pages
  • Postcard Project
    • Select a Postcard from the ones available on Central's website. Look under School History
    • Get a digitized picture of yourself
    • Integrate your picture into the postcard. Look here for example Click Here
    • See Magnetic Lasso Lesson Here
  • Do the same as above but integrate a picture of you into another picture of your choosing. Click Here for example.
Days 11 - The Anchor Tag
  • Linking to your favorite sites
  • Creating new pages and linking to them
  • Go to the HTML tutor and look at links page
  • Movie Project - Create a page with your ten favorite movies. Create a page for each movie and link to it from your main movie page.
Days 12- 16 The Movie Project

  • Create a web page with your 10 favorite movies listed on it
  • Use CSS to make nice looking fonts
  • Have a correctly sized picture for each movie
  • Each movie should then be linked to a page on IMDB.com that has information about the movie
Days 16 - 17 - The Favorites Page
  • Create a page with your favorite links
  • You should have links to educational sites (web design class page, Central HS, dictionary.com, foreign language translator, thesaurus, Pink Monkey, Spark Notes etc.
  • Ant time you find a good site add it to your links page
  • Make sure your page looks good and is decorated with appropriate graphics
Day 18 Backgrounds

  • Go to Links page and explore freebackgrounds web site. Save some that you like to the desktop. Then upload them to your web site and see how your pages look with backgrounds.
  • Get a picture that you want to use as a background. Change its size with PhotoShopto be 1024 pixels wide and change its opacity to 19%.
    1. You will need to Select All, copy, paste in new window then select Window, view layers and you can change opacty.

Days 19 - 20 Creating a Blog
  • Go to Wordpress.com and create a blog
  • Write a blog based on a certain theme (favorite jokes, poems, illusions etc)
  • Practice your HTML skills on the pages

Days 21 - 22 Lists
  • Creating Unordered Lists
  • Creating Ordered Lists
  • Creating nested lists

Days 23 - 28 Beginning Tables
  • Go to Mr. Nilan's HTML tutor (here)and take notes on Tables. You should be able to set table size, column size, row size, have blank cells, have cells with different colors and background images.
  • On the project page Click Here make copies of 7 of the 10 pages. Try to make your pages look as much as possible like the pages to copy. Have one page with links to your 7 different pages with the copied tables.
Days 29 - 32 A Javascript Quiz
  • Go here to take a look at a Javascript quiz. This quiz uses pop-up windows to tell you if you got the question right or wrong. It doesn't keep score. We will do more complicated quizzes later in the year.
  • You can change the response for a right and wrong answer. The /n in the code is just a Javascript command to skip a line. You should decorate your page with appropriate fonts and backgrounds.
  • You are to create three different Javascript Quizzes on three different topics each with at least 15 questions. You will be graded on content and the looks of your websites. Have one main page , that you link to from your main page, that links to your three quizzes.
  • Make sure the content of your quizzes are educational (you can pick the topics that you want).
Days 33 - 35 The Youtube Project
  • In this project you are going to learn to work with YouTube videos. You are going to have a menu page with links to 3 videos to a Math lesson, 3 videos to a science lesson, 3 videos to a history lesson and 3 videos that are fun (nothing too silly and no swearing).
  • You will have a page like this. Make sure you put headings for each group.
  • Ggo to Youtube.com and find a math video that you want to use (for example on graphing a linear equation). Click on the Share button and then on the Embed button (if there is no Share or Embed button get a new video). Then change the window size to about 800, and then get the code.
  • Paste that code on a page by itself and then link to that page from your main Youtube video menu page. Be sure to decorate your Menu page.
  • So in all you will have to create at least 13 new pages. One is a menu page and the others will each have an embedded video.

Day 36 The Fake Magazine Cover
  • Go to http://www.fakemagazinecover.com/ and create a fake magazine cover and post the picture on your site. Nothing too silly. You can do 3 or 4 of these. be sure to link project to your main page.

Each "day" corresponds to one 90 minute class or two 45 minute classes