Using the PhotoShop Magnetic Lasso Tool

1. Select the Magnetic Lasso Tool from the tools palate. If you look at the Photoshop tools palate and don’t see the Magnetic Lasso Tool, you may have to click and hold the mouse button over the Lasso Tool (it is the second tool in the first column). This will show a short menu featuring the different types of Lasso tools. Click the Magnetic Lasso Tool to select it.

2 . Create your first fastening point. Click the boarder of the image you wish to lasso to create a fastening point. Get as close to the edge as possible. This ensures that you lasso the correct image rather than including pieces of other images you don’t want in your new photo.

3 Drag your mouse and let Photoshop do the work. Use your mouse to pull the lasso around the image. Just as the name implies, Photoshop’s Magnetic Lasso Tool creates a magnetic border around your image. The lasso sticks to the edge of your image. As you drag your mouse around the image, you will notice that fastening points will be placed around the image.

4. Create additional fastening points. Create additional fastening points in difficult to lasso areas of the image. Most images will need additional work. While the Magnetic Lasso Tool in Photoshop does create fastening points, there will be times when the tool goes off course. In these cases, you will need to create additional fastening points so that the border stays close to the image.

5. Finish the lasso. Close the lasso by clicking the first fastening point. Once you’ve made your way around the image, you will need to click the starting point to close the lasso. When done properly, you will see what are referred to as “marching ants”. These are blinking lines that show that the image has been captured and is ready to move.

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