by Jack Nilan            EMail :

Heaven and Earth (1990)

Director: Haruki Kadokawa

Jack   B-

IMDB    7.1



   Darkness had fallen over 16th Century Japan. The reigning Shogun could no longer control the ambitious Samurai Warlords, the entire country erupted into feudal war. The most powerful fought to expand their borders. Out of this turmoil rose two great warriors.
Kagetora - tempered by wisdom, fought to protect his people.
Takeda Shingen - driven by ambition and a desire to rule Japan.
Two men so evenly matched, their battles were destined to become legend, both in Heaven and on Earth.

   The warlords have broken away from the law of the shogun and samurais Kagetora and Takeda Shingen have declared war on one another. Kagetora rules the land but is challenged by a more aggressive and brutal, Takeda.

  The men fight for years, losing friends, a son, a favorite female warrior, a love. Thousands of troops attack, fight and retreat. Lords change sides and battles are planned and debated. There is a great deal of time spent on troops getting in to formation and looking at the other side.

  Epic in style but somehow the movie doesn't seem to engage you. Beautiful to look at, but somehow it justs seems kind of empty.