Project Assignment Assigned Due Date
Note : Projects are due at 8AM on the Due Date.
A1 (2 days) Setting up Google Drive, and Gmail Link
A2 (1 day) Creating and using Google Sites     Link
Making Google Site Look Better
A3 (1 day) Creating a Restaurant Menu   Link
A4 (2 days) Writing a Research paper    Link
A14 (0 days) Setting up a Google Calendar and Embedding on Google Site (to be used for keeping track of Homework Link
A6 (1 day) Creating a Spreadsheet    Link
A7 (1 day) Creating a Spreadsheet (2)    Link
A8 (1 day) Creating a Spreadsheet (3)    Link
Lesson on Creating Charts
A9 (1 day) Creating a Form (Quiz)   Link
A10 (1 day) Creating a Form (2)    Link
Checkboxes, Scales and Grid (Online Pizza Form)
A11 (1 day) Creating a Form (3) - The Employment FormLink
A12(1 1/2 days) A Self Correcting Test with FormsLink
A13 (1 1/2 days) Creating a Presentation    Link
Gimp Tutorial
A15 (1 day) Setting Up and the House Setting Up Tips
A16 (1 day) Creating Some Headlines Link Link 2 Filter Tips
Be sure to post at least 3 different headlines to your site (you can insert them all on the same doc and then link to the doc)
A17 (1 day) More Headlines and Text in a Circle
A18 (1 day) Creating a Collage
Finish up Gimp assignments up to this point
A19 (1 day) Cutting out Some Figures Tips
Pick a postcard from here and paste your cut out figure in it.
A20 (1 day) Switching Heads
Using the Scale Tool
Removing a Background ColorLink
A21 (1 day) Animation 1 Tips
A22 (1 day) Animation 2 Tips
Putting Animated Gif on your Google Site Link
A23 (1 day) The Masthead Contest Link
A24 ScreenR
(2 days)
Using ScreenR Project Link
Create an Tutorial using documents on your computer screen (Internet Web Pages, docs, Powerpoint, Presentations) and record the screen and your voice. You are to do 2 ScrrenR (or ScreenOMatic) projects. When you link them to your Google Site call it A24(1) and A24(2)
A25 (5 days) Google Sites Project Link    Rubric Project Ideas Make Site Look Better
A26 (1 day) Beginning HTML Link
A27 (1 day) Working with Images Link
A28 (2 days) The Anchor Tag, Linking and the Movie Project Link
A29 (2 days) Tables Link
A30 (2 days) Image Maps Link Uploading your site to Google DriveLink
A31 (3 days) The Science Fair Project Link
A32 (1 day) Embedding a Google Agenda on your web page Link
A33 (2 days) The Historical Event Project Link
A34 (2 days) Exploring Careers (extra?) Link
A35 (2 days) The Zoo (extra) Link
A36 (1 day) Introduction to Scratch Link
Scratch Commands Link
A37 (2 days) Doing some Math Link Order of Operations
A38 (3 days) Loops and Variables Link
Pseudocode for 38c Pseudocode for 38e
A39 (2 days) Loops and Costumes Link
A40 (2 days) Broadcasting Link
A41 (2 days) Making Decisions Link
A42 (1 day) Tell Us About Yourself Link
A43 (1 day) Gliding Ghosts Link
A44 (1 day) Bouncing Basketballs Link
A45 (1 day) Moving a Sprite with Keystrokes Link
A46 (1 day) Moving Through a Maze Link
A47 (1 day) Moving Through the Maze (Part 2) Link
A48 (1 day) Drawing Some Shapes Link
A49 (1 day) Draw a House Link
A50 (1 day) (Marking Period 2) Create Your Own Sprite Link
A51 (3 days) Random Stuff Link
A52 (1 day) Write Your Name with a Pen Link
A53 (1 day) Stamping out your Name Link
A54 (1 day) Creating a History Quiz Link
A55 (1 day) Scratch the Scholar (teaching by broadcasting)Link
A56 (1 day) Reading From a ListLink
A57 (1 day) Moving Around Randomly Link
A59 (2 days) Beginning to CodeLink
A60 (2 days) Beginning to Code (2)Link
A61 (1 day) Beginning to Code (3)Link
A62 (1 day) Beginning to Code (4)Link
A63 (1 days) Review and Test on Beginning Java Programming
A64 (0 days) Decision Structures Read LessonLook at Problems
A65 (0 day) Else Structures Read LessonLook at Problems
A66 (0 day) Decision Structures 2 Read Lesson Look at Problems
A67 (1 day) Decision Structures 3 Start Problems here -> Link
A68 (1 day) Decision Structures 4 Link
A69 (1 day) Decision Structures 5 Link
A70 (1 day) Decision Structures 6 (extra)Link
A71 (1 day) Review and Test on Decision Structures
A72 (0 day) Loops 1 Read Lesson Look at Problems -> Link
A73 (1 day) Loops 2 Link - Start Problems Here
A74 (1 day) Loops 3 Link
A75 (1 day) Loops 4 Link
A76 (1 day) Loops 5 Link
A77 (1 day) Loops 6 (extra) Link
A78 (1 day) Loops 7 (extra) Link
A79 (1 day) Review and Test on Loops
A80 (4 days) While Loops - Click Here for link - Go to Assignments 16 - 19
A80 (4 days) Programr Assignments Here

The WIX Project (5 days)
Directions HERE

The Weebly Project

Click Here

The Blogger Project

Click Here

Create a Comic Strip

Click Here
Create two comic strips. Email it to yourself. Take a screenshot of it. Then crop it with Gimp and post it to your site. Make the comic positive. Best ones will be put on the school website.

Or you can use
On this site you can create your two comics comic and then get the links to them that you can post on your site.

If you want you can do one of each.

Create an Animated Gif Online

Click Here
Create two animated gifs. One for Fairchild Wheeler and anything else you want to do. Best ones will be displayed online

Create an Online Animated Movie
Click Here
Create two animated movies. Watch the video. Post the links to your website

Or for a more advanced video editor try Moovly

Moovly User Guide

Moovly Tips

The Wordpress Project

Click Here
A81 (1 day) Drawing Some Lines Link
A82 (1 day) Some Drawing CommandsLink
Using FunctionsLink
Mixing Colors Link
Drawing TextLink
A83 (1 day) Moving a ball Link
A84 (1 day) A Ball following your MouseLink
A85 (1 day) Move an Object Around the Screen Link

EOY Assignments

Sample Projects - Sept. 2013