Central High School Web Page Design

General Description

The goal of this course is to have students acquire usuable Web design skills. Students will be exposed to and learn to work with HTML, Javascript, CSS and Perl web programming languages. Much of the understanding that will be gained will be through a hands on experince of designing, creating and maintaining actual web sites.

Course Requirements

  1. Students should maintain a dated hard cover three-ring binder
  2. Web page deadlines must be met. Abscences are not an excuse for assignments not being completed. Missed work can be done at home or at the school or local library. Any computer that allows you to access the Internet will allow you to access your web pages.
  3. Assignments that are incomplete will be graded accordingly (for example, if a web page assignment is only half done, you will get 50% at most on the assignment)
  4. Web pages will be graded on whether then meet the rubric for the project and also on neatness, looks and creativity.


  1. Published web pages will make up 100% of grade.
  2. If you are in school and miss this class without permission then you get 5 points off your final average (10 for 90 minute class)
  3. Cut class, 5 points off final average (10 for 90 minute class)
  4. Tardy to class, -1 off final average
  5. Surfing web where you shouldn't be or playing games at any time, -3