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The Way We Were (1973)

Movie Grade B

McCarthyism Connection Grade C-

McCarthyism Connection
Two college students, with not a lot in common, meet, fall in love, marry and divorce.

Musical / drama


Jack   B
Roger Ebert   ***
IMDB    6.7

   She was president of the Young Communist League. He was a preppy jock who crewed and played track. The one thing that had in common was they both wrote.

   The movie was supposed to have scenes that showed that the couple's breakup was because of her liberal rantings during the McCarthy era coupled with the husband's fear of being blackballed from Hollywood. I think this was just hinted at in the final product.

   This movie could have been a lot better. I think the director was afraid to make Redford's character look bad, so they left the plot fuzzy as to why he left, which in the long run hurt the movie.