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Silver Lode (1954)

Movie Grade C

McCarthyism Connection Grade B-

McCarthyism Connection
Marshall McCarty rides into town with his hired gunmen looking for revenge on the man who killed his brother (clearly inspired by High Noon)



Jack   C
Roger Ebert   --
IMDB    6.9

   This was just an OK Western. Four strangers ride into town on the 4th of July, led by a Marshall McCarty, looking for the man who killed his brother. John Ballard who is about to be married is accused of being a murderer.

   As the town folk abandon their friend only his future bride and his ex-girfriend (a dance hall girl) are left to save him. It should sound familiar. There is no train tracks or great background music but the plot is copied from High Noon.

   The movie is interesting, if for nothing else, because of the audacity involved in copying a great movie that was made just two years before.

   The movie is not close to being as good as High Noon. But it was made in 1954, at the height of the McCarthy era and it did name its villian McCarty. It is an interesting period piece and a pretty bold jab at McCarthyism considering when it was made.