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Planet of the Apes (1968)

Movie Grade A

McCarthyism Connection Grade B-

McCarthyism Connection
It has been suggested that apes investigating committeee is a parody of the HUAC investigations. The screenwriter, Michael Wilson, had been blacklisted during the 1950's.

Action / Sci-fi

In the future astronauts land on a planet where apes are the dominant species and humans and oppressed.

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Roger Ebert   --
IMDB    7.3

ZAIUS : There you are, Mr. President. I warned you these two would use this hearing as a forum for subversion.

MAXIMUS : You were right! The advocates of heresy have revealed themselves.

ZAIUS : Mr. President, I think an indictment is in order.

HONORIUS : Yes, sir. The State charges Doctors Zira and Cornelius with contempt of this Tribunal, malicious mischief and scientific heresy.

PRESIDENT : Be it so ordered. The Tribunal will examine all the evidence presented here and in due time render a verdict on the proposed indictment and on the disposition of the deviate in question.