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Insignificance (1985)

Movie Grade B+

McCarthyism Connection Grade C

McCarthyism Connection
In 1953 Senator McCarthy, Joe Dimaggio, Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein meet in a hotel room.

Drama / Comedy

Jack   B+
Roger Ebert   ***
IMDB    6.7

   If you were going to have four people over to dinner from the 1950's, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio and Senator McCarthy would make an interesting group.

   In the movie the characters meet in a hotel room in 1954. DiMaggio and Monroe are trying to work out their martial problems. Marilyn has a fixation for Einstein and McCarthy has a fixation for Marilyn.

   Senator McCarthy is trying to get Einstein to appear before the House Committee of Un-American Committee and is portrayed as a drunken, bigoted, repressed psycho. Einstein challenges the Senator's authority and says he will go to the World Peace conference and will not testify before the senator's committee.

   The movie tends to jump all over the place as it attempts to explain how the characters became the people they are. The most interesting scene in the movie is at the end where the atomic bombings of Japan are compared to the Nazi Holocaust, something which weighs greatly on Einstein's mind. There is another really good scene where Marilyn explains her conception of The Theory of Relativity to Albert using toys.

   Overall, I liked the movie. It was interesting and thought provoking. It was hard to figure out what the film was trying to say but perhaps that is what makes it fun.