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Advise and Consent (1962)

Movie Grade B+

McCarthyism Connection Grade B-

McCarthyism Connection
The President's candidate for Secretary of State has a past affiliations with a Communist organization.



Jack   B+
Roger Ebert   --
IMDB    7.7

   This movie has some great courtroom scenes where the new nominee for Secretary of State, played by Henry Fonda, is investigated by a Committee, some of whom think he may have leftist leanings.

   He was asked questions such as, "We want to know what you would give away to the Communists." In addition to a sympathetic look at the Communist skeletons in some of the characters closets there is also a less flattering look at the gay past of one of the characters.

   The movie, made in 1962, also had some Cold War rhetoric in it, debating the pros and cons of brinkmanship diplomacy with the Communists.

   The movie's view on McCarthyism can probably be summed up by a question the President asks a friend, "Do you think he should be ruined just because he flirted with Communism long ago?"