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Windwalker (1980)

Jack   A

IMDB    6.8

Tribe(s) : Cheyenne/Crow

Language : Cheyenne/Crow



   This movie is really unique in that there is no English spoken! The movie is set in 1797 before white settlement had reached this part of the country. There are also no white characters or guns. The movie is subtitled in English and has some English narration.

   The movie also tries to be authentic in its use of weapons. This is the only movie in which I have seen arrow headed knives and stone axes used as weapons.

   The only real problem that I have with the movie is the casting. The makers must have felt that they needed an established white star to make the movie successful so they put Trevor "Captain Bligh" Howard in the main role. He was actually pretty good but he looks nothing like an Indian. He looks like "A Man Called Horse" 20 years later. One of the Crow warriors also looks nothing like an Indian which is too bad because most of the other cast is made up of Native Americans.

   Overall the story is just OK, but it is definitely worth seeing. It is a shame that over 20 years has past and there still has been no other movie about this time period in America before the white man.