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Wind River (2000)

Jack   C+

IMDB    6.0

Tribe(s) :
Shoshone, Crow

Language :
English / Shoshone



   Set in 1850's Wyoming, the movie has a Disney look and feel to it. Based on a true story, a white boy runs away from home and is taken in by Shoshones, who just happen to be looking for a white boy that their medicine women has seen in her dreams.

   Russell Means plays Shoshone Chief Washakie, who later went on to fight with the US Government troops against other Indian tribes. The great Wes Studi makes a cameo as war Chief Pocatello, and he is always worth watching.

   The Shoshone were chosen in a positive light, although they did have a fierce battle with the Crows, who they felt "were as bad as the whites." The poor Crows never seem to come off to good in Hollywood.

   Except for Means and Studi, the acting was pretty poor. The directing was also not too good. Had the potential to be a pretty decent movie, but really didn't know what it wanted to be.

   Not a bad movie, but certainly should have been much better.