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The White Squaw (1956)

Jack   D

IMDB    5.0

Tribe(s) : Sioux

Language : English, Broken English



   The movie opens as Sioux Indians are looking on as a man, Sigrod Swanson, poisons their water hole. A fellow rancher, Thad Arnold, tries to tell Swanson he shouldn't do that, but Swanson, who is being pushed off the squatted land he has long lived on for a reservation won't back down. An Indian, Yotah, tries to shoot him but shoots the other rancher. Eetay-O-Wahnee, the White squaw, who brought the Indian agent to see what was going on, tried to stop him but failed.

Yellow Elk gives Eetay-O-Wahnee some money her real father had left for her years ago. Yellow Elk asks her to buy cattle to help save people. Back in town a dying Arnold tells his daughter Kerry and his friend Swanson about his other daughter, the white squaw, Eetay-O-Wahnee. Arnold tells them he wants Eetay-O-Wahnee to get half of his estate when he dies. When he dies Swanson convinces Kerry to keep silent about what Arnold told them.

Eetay-O-Wahnee and Yellow Elk stop a cattle man, Bob Garth if they can buy his herd but they don't have enough. Garth tells him he will give them some time and goes in to town.

Yellow Elk then tells Eetay-O-Wahnee the truth that her father had been Arnold. Eetay goes over to the Arnold house but Kerry yells at her.

Bob Garth eventually sells his cattle to Eetay and the tribe. Swanson and his sons then run the herd off. When Swanson's son attacks Eetay, Yotah kills him. The Swanson's then have Eetay put in jail. Yotah tells Yellow Elk and Bob Garth that Eetay must have killed the Swanson boy.

Not a good movie. Broken English and really bad acting by the white guys playing Indians (Fren deKova who played Chief Wild Eagle on F troop played Yellow Eagle here). The writing was also pretty bad.