by Jack Nilan            EMail :

They Rode West (1954)

Jack   C+

IMDB    5.8

Tribe(s) : Kiowa, Comanche

Language : English, Kiowa



   Dr. Seward who has just joined the cavalry and he goes on a patrol looking for ten rifles stolen from the fort. He helps some Kiowas who are living on unhealthy land that is making them sick with malaria. Lt. Seward can't help but notice Manyi-ten, who is a white captive and wife of Red Leaf, the son of the chief.

Seward disobeys orders and goes out to the reservation to treat the Kiowa. On his way back from the reservation Seward and Captain Blake are attacked by Comanches. Blake is anti-Indian and has Seward arrested for disobeying orders.

The Kiowas join with the Comanches and ambush a patrol. Back at the fort Seward is branded a wood hawk, one who would turn on his own. Seward then gets a message from Manyi-ten. She warns Seward that he should leave the fort because the Kiowas and Comanches are going to attack.

The fort is attacked and many of the soldiers comes down with malaria. Seward then goes to the reservation to persuade the Kiowa chief to make peace. Blake follows him and shoots the chief's son Spotted Wolf. When Seward operates and saves Spotted Wolf's life, and Comanche Chief Satanta stops the war.

A pretty standard Western, although it was one of the earlier ones that gave a sympathetic portrayal of the Indians. The movie has some of the standard flaws of the genre. The prettiest Indian is played by a white actress, and in this case she is a white woman being a captive. There is the good officer and the Indian hating officer and the good office performs a heroic deed and saves the day for the Indians.