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The Far Horizons (1955)

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   Another great story ruined by Hollywood. Instead of basing it on the Journals they spent a lot of money basing the movie on a bad historical fiction. In this movie Lewis and Clark, who got along famously in real life, had a falling out before leaving on the trip over a girl in Virginia who chooses Clark, played by Charlton Heston over Lewis, played by Fred McMurray.
   On the trip they meet Sacajawea who was not married to Charbonneau, like she was in real life. Charbonneau is portrayed as a villain and tries his best to ruin the expedition. Clark and Sacajawea fall in love, and Lewis is not happy. He puts Clark up on charges for disobeying orders. Clark calls Sacajawea Janie, and she calls him Big Red Chief.    The movie ends as badly as it began. What should have been a great movie was just really bad. The Indians were portrayed as ignorant savages and Sacajawea, played by Donna Reed, had blue eyes. A disaster of a movie that helps to give Hollywood history movies a bad name, which it certainly deserves in this case.