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Ride Out for Revenge (1957)

Jack   C-

IMDB    5.1

Tribe(s) : Cheyenne

Language : English



   Rory Calhoun plays Tate, a sheriff of a small town. But there is something different. Tate is in love with a Cheyenne girl called Pretty Willow. When her father, Chief Yellow Wolf, and brother, Chief Little Wolf go in to town to try to get some supplies for the winter her father is shot down and killed.

Tate's lives with a widow and his nephew, Billy. She hates the Indians and so does the boy. The widow's husband was killed by the Indians and so was Tate's sister, the boy's mother. "They're dirty. They're uncivilized. They're not fit to live near us. We've got a right to hate them", she says.

The Cheyennes then come to town to revenge Yellow Wolf. They attack the cavalry unit headed up by the racist Capt. George (Lloyd Bridges). They take the horses and get some guns. One of them shoots and kills Billy who was out taking a ride. Tate has now lost Billy and Pretty willow has lost her father. Can their love continue?

The cowardly Captain George asks Tate for help but he wants no part of it. Tate goes to see if he can stop Little Wolf from making further attacks. When Pretty Willow tells him it isn't possible Tate goes hunting for Little Wolf but he can't shoot him.

Little Wolf plots an attack for the next day. Captain George blames tate for not killing him and tells the people in town. Captain George sends word out to the Cheyenne that Tate is riding out to kill Little Wolf. Pretty Willow then goes to Tate to find out the truth. When Tate tells Pretty Willow that someone must stop her brother she tries to stab him.

Pretty Willow then takes Little Wolf then goes out to meet Tate the next day and they have a knife fight. Captain George and his men arrive and they open fire on both men. Little Wolf is shot and killed but Tate escapes. He later comes upon Captain George and shoots him down. The Cheyenne are then forced off their land. Tate and Pretty Willow watch sadly together as they head off.

A movie that is favorable to the Indian but the story is weak, the production values are poor and it isn't directed well. Despite a good cast the acting is also weak. Probably not even a B movie, really just a C. Not much here.