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Pathfinder (2007)

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IMDB    5.2

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  This was not a very good movie. I thought the idea for the movie, mixing Vikings and Native Americans in the year 1000 was good, but the final product was really disappointing. The characters were never developed and the camera work really took away from the story. It was really hard to tell what was going on as the camera zoomed in on the action with a foggy lens.

   It was also pretty bizarre that the movie had the Vikings speaking their native language while the Indians spoke English. The movie also suffers from the "Tarzan" complex - put a white man in a native situation and he will become a super native (see A Man called Horse, Last of the Mohicans etc.)

   There were some pretty decent scenes of Native American life but overall the movie was something of a disaster. The movie upon which it was based, Ofelas (1987), a Scandinavian movie is much, much better.