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Miracle in the Wilderness (1951)

Jack   C-

IMDB    6.4

Tribe(s) : Blackfeet, Shoshone

Language : English, Blackfoot



   In this TV movie, Jericho Adams, an old Indian fighter, (Kris Kristofferson) lives with his wife, Dora and their infant son, on a ranch. The Blackfeet are on a raiding party. Sam, an old friend who is now a scout for the army, comes out with some Shoshone scouts and warns Jericho and his family.

   The Blackfoot chief, Many Horses, is an old enemy of Jericho. Jericho had killed his son in the old days. The Blackfeet captured the family and takes them back to their camp. Many Horses tells Jericho that he killed his son. Jericho had shot him when they attacked him when he was trapping.

   Many Horses says tells Jericho and Dora that his wife can't have children and he will take their child to be his own. Many Horses also tell them that Jericho will die. On Christmas Eve, there is a deer given birth and the Blackfeet think this is very curious. Dora talks to the deer and the deer doesn't go away. Many Horses senses that there is magic and asks Dora about her God.

   Dora tells about the birth of Christ and one of the Blackfeet translates it for the rest of the tribe. As she tells the story we see the story being played out in the minds of the Blackfeet by Indians. Dora tells how the son is God's son, and mary was still a virgin. Many Horses says that Joseph was a fool to believe this. Jericho says Joseph wanted to believe and prayed to the Great Spirit for an answer.

   In the middle of the story, Jericho grabs a gun and escapes with Dora and the baby, but they are soon captured. The chief decides that Dora will become one of them, after Jericho is killed, and the braves start coming around.

   Jericho and Dora continue with the Christmas story, but Jericho translates in a way that it relates to the Blackfeet. The wise man are Indians from different tribes. Dora said that one day all men will live in peace and will live as brothers.

   Jericho takes a knife and challenges Many Horses, and the inevitable one on one knife fight starts. Of course Jericho wins, and lets Many Horses live (how many movies have this scene?). Many Horses decides he will leave the family behind as the Blackfeet move on.

   Not a great movie, but not terrible either.