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100 Rifles (1969)

Jack   C-

IMDB    5.9

Tribe(s) : Yaqui

Language : English, Spanish



   The movie opens with some Mexican troops hanging a Mexican, with Sarita (Raquel Welch) looking on. Lyedecker (Jim Brown) then rides up with a wanted poster for Yaqui Joe Herrera (Burt Reynolds). Some Yaqui Indians have been caught pulling up railroad tracks so a Mexican officer just shoots them down.

Yaqui Joe helps some of the Yaqui to escape and Lyedecker picks him up to take back for a bank robbery. Joe said he had spent the bank money on buying 100 rifles for the Yaqui. The Mexicans pixk up both Joe and Lyedecker.

Just as Joe and Lydecker are about to be shot Sarita and the Yaqui attack and free them. Sarita, Joe and a reluctant Lyedecker then head off to give the rifles to a rebel general.

Interesting only in that it was about the Yaqui Indians, who were lined up and shot by the Mexicans all through this movie, but the movie was really just a showcase for its stars: Raquel Welch, Jim Brown and Burt Reynolds. Would have been much better if they had a story to go along with them.