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Lesson 5 - Have Pictures Change on Your Screen

In the HEAD we have some script where we declare an Array and put some images in the array.

<Head> <SCRIPT>
pictures = new Array (3);
pictures[0] = new Image;
pictures[0].src = "picture1.jpg";
pictures[1] = new Image;
pictures[1].src = "picture2.jpg";
pictures[2] = new Image;
pictures[2].src = "picture3.jpg";
var index = 0;

function showpicture()
document.sample.src = pictures[index].src;
if (index == 3)
{index = 0;}

</SCRIPT> </Head>

<body onLoad = "showpicture();">

<img src ="picture1.jpg" name = "sample">

For your assignment write a web page that loads in 3 pictures and will keep flashing them on your page.