Text Styles
We can set the font face, font size (between 1 and 7) and the font color. If the font face has 2 words like Monotype Corsiva then you must use quotes around them.
<font face = 'Times New Roman' size = 4 color = red">
We can set the exact size of a font in a structure (body, table, list, paragraph)
<p style ="font-size : 20pt;">
We can set the text-decoration to none, overline, underline or line-through
<p style ="font-size : 12pt;text-decoration : overline;">
We can set the font-style to oblique or italic
<p style ="font-size : 12pt;font-style : italic;">
We can set spacing between letters
<p style ="letter-spacing : 3pt;font-style : italic;">
Text-transform can be set to uppercase, lowercase or capitalize (which capitalizes the first letter in each word)
<p style ="text-transform : uppercase;font-style : italic;">
Word-spacing puts a certain space between words
<p style ="word-spacing : 30pt;font-style : italic;">