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Creating a Blog with PHP

This lesson is very similiar to the phpwriter assignment we just finished. In this lesson you will create a blog. You are going to need three files. An HTML file with a text area. The phpappend.php that we used in the last project and an HTML file called myblog.html that we are going to write to.

Create the page that has the TextArea. Decorate the page. Send the information from the form to blogwriter.php Call this page blogenter.html

Next write an HTML page which will function as your blog. Put some graphics on the top with the name of your blog. Don't end your body or your HTML tags. Call the page myblog.html

Now write a new file - blogwriter.php. In there you can just copy the code from blogappend.php This file will write to myblog.html

Then create a page that will give you the choice to read the blog or write to the blog. One link will be to myblog.html, which will let you read it. The other link will be to blogenter, which will let you enter another entry in to your blog.