Grandparents : Neylan - O'Rourke - Cody - Norris

John Francis Neylan married Bridget O'Rourke.

John O'Rourke (our great grandfather) was the father of Bridget

How did John Neylan (Patrick's father) die?
"He was 35 years old. He got a kick in his ribs from a horse and the broken ribs punctured his lung." He lived on for 6 months.

After John died Bridget married Peter Daly and "they had seven more children, most of whom died when they were babies."

Patrick's brother John died young. Had 3 children Mary Agnes, Joan and Rita.

Patrick's sister Maryann's daughter Mary Agnes married John Kelly and had 9 children. Her daughter Mary Teresa married Johah Fahey and had 10 children.

On June 27, 1917 Patrick married Anna Cody (age 25 - born 1892). (Her father was James and her mother was Hanorah Norris - District of Lismore, County Waterford - Dwelling place Monalour).

Source : Letter from Patrick's sister's MaryAnn's daughter Mary Teresa Fahey in 1991.