Arrays of Objects

Name __________________________________

Write the following functions on another piece of paper.

class course
{private String na;
private int grade;
public course(String n, int g){}
public int getGrade(){}
public String getName(){}

class student
final int MAX = 7;
private String first, last;
private int ct =0; // how many courses
private course [] courses = new course[MAX]; // each student has up to 7 courses
public student(String first,last){}
public String getFullName(){}
public double getAvg(){}; // for this students grades
public void addCourse(String n,int g){}


class school
public school()
{ct = 0;
final int MAX = 20;
private int ct; // number of students in school
private student [] ar = new student[MAX];
public void printStudents(){} // Names
public boolean addStudent(String n){} // if room
public boolean deleteStudent(String n) {}
public void printStudentsAverages(){} // prints all students and averages
public int findStudent(String n){} // returns index - -1 if not there
public boolean addClass(String person, String classname, int g){}