public class references

{public static input in = new input();

public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException

// This example illustrates that variables only hold references to objects that are created
// they don't hold the objects themselves

Integer a = new Integer(12);
Integer b = a;
a = new Integer(14);
System.out.println(a+ " "+b);

// Example 2
//class person
 //{private String name;
 //  person(String n)
  // {name = n;
 //public void changename(String n)
  //{name = n;
 //public String toString()
 // {return name;
 // }

 person p = new person("Joe");
person p2 = new person("Tom");
 ArrayList ar = new ArrayList();

// this will print out Jack and Tom not Joe and Tom as you might expect
// this is because p and ar[1] now both reference the same object and when
// we change 1 we change the other

for (int x=0; x< ar.size(); x++)
 {person pe = ar.get(x);